Replacing an Asbestos Roof

Many people think that asbestos removal is too difficult to contemplate. Ask us how easy it is to replace that dangerous asbestos roof with a modern, attractive alternative.  As a homeowner, you are limited in who you can hire to remove asbestos, because of its hazardous nature. Our highly-trained, licensed asbestos-removal tradesman can remove your asbestos roof and dispose of its safely. We can also replace it with a brand new COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® metal roof.


The danger level of asbestos roofing significantly increases when the tiles begin to lose their integrity and show signs of age or damage. This wear allows the trapped fibres to access into the surrounding atmosphere. Any work that’s done adjacent to asbestos roofing increases the chance of the fibres breaking or damaging.   This potentially increases the threat to health and safety.

If you own or are thinking of purchasing a property that has suspected or confirmed asbestos tiles, you don’t necessarily need to remove them. It is,however, advisable that you monitor the condition of these tiles on a regular basis.  If you are planning on conducting maintenance or renovation work on the roof, whether it’s due to damage or for aesthetic reasons, it’s imperative that you hire professionals who hold the correct licences to remove and replace the asbestos tiles with non-asbestos alternatives.

If you have confirmed or suspected asbestos roof tiles on your property ask our asbestos specialist to conduct a FREE site appraisal. They can help you decide whether the asbestos tile roofing needs replacing or whether other alternative actions, like monitoring the product over the coming years, or covering the product, should be considered. They can also help you choose the best alternative product for your home.  Your asbestos specialist will guide you through the whole process. 


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